Virus and Spyware Removal 
Is you computer/Laptop  infected with viruses or spyware? Our expert computer technicians can remove the virus and install a suitable solution to protect you in the future.
We have wide range of tools and experience  to remove the majority of viruses and & spyware infections
Computer Repairs
Is your computer/Laptop Blue-Screen problems, freezing and rebooting?
Our technicians will s fix the problem at the good price.
Computer Service
Is your computer?Laptop running too slow? not Stable?
Regular service and maintenance of your computer will make sure that they are running efficiently and free of viruses.
Email and Data Transfer – old pc to new pc
Have you upgraded a new pc? want the old data back and emails back to the new PC ?
yes, we can transfer all you data and files to your new PC!
Computer Upgrade and New PC
We do computer upgrades to speed  up your computer at a more affordable price.
But If your computer is not upgradable then our  computer technician can advise on the most appropriate new computer for your needs. All desktop computers are custom built to what your need most.
Onsite Service
Can't come to the shop? No worries, we have onsite service.
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